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A chaotic threat to peace II
Malisha was sitting inside a small room, covered in absolute darkness. There was just a mattress in the middle of it where the woman was sitting on.
She meditated, thought about her plans, about what would happen next and when she would have reached the next step to her goal. She also thought about this world; about Felarya and why she hated this place so much. In this world her mistress and teacher found her end, an end caused by too much greed for power.
But Malisha wouldn't make the same mistakes, she would success and sooner or later she would get revenge for her mistress … sooner or later, she just had to be patient. She tried to sleep for a few hours, tried to rest but she couldn't she had to think about too many things … too many small pieces of this whole picture and if she would make just one mistake, everything could break. Somebody was knocking at her door now and she stood up to open it.
She was now looking into the face of a young man who was wearing a wizard-rob
:iconravana3k:Ravana3k 12 22
Vore School~ by IndiePerverture Vore School~ :iconindieperverture:IndiePerverture 132 21 Girl Vore Guy Clip (Work In Progress) by rocetartsy Girl Vore Guy Clip (Work In Progress) :iconrocetartsy:rocetartsy 211 14
Vore Story Chapter 2
It had been about two weeks since Jocelyn had devoured her first two children.  They had taken forever to digest and she had gained some weight that had distributed itself all over her body.  NOt an excessive amount, it was hardly noticible, but the scale did not lie.  Also, today she was wearing yoga pants again, as well as a green v neck t-shirt.
Now she was getting hungr again.  Luckily for her, she had devised a plan about a week ago for when she wanted to fill her belly next.  Whenever she had encountered someone in public when she was full in the last two weeks, she would tell them that she was either pregnant, or just full, depending on how much she wanted to screw with them.
The kid's that were (or had) been inside her though, had struggled within her for about three days until they wore themselves out from sheer exaustion.  About then is when they started to digest as well.  Anyhow, back to the present, she was now driving to a house.  F
:iconkeishametsouki:Keishametsouki 71 7
Shadow Nymph April: Felarya by berggie
Mature content
Shadow Nymph April: Felarya :iconberggie:berggie 598 37
[C] Hello sexy by lufidelis
Mature content
[C] Hello sexy :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 155 7
Mature content
Feeding Time (Vore Story #1) :iconplutty:Plutty 94 18
The Crush (vore)
Sarah had always fancied a boy in her class called Jack. He was popular with the girls but Sarah felt sure that if he got to know her he'd fall for her personality. Sarah was a big girl but she felt sexy with it. Sometimes Jack would look her way and it made her feel good, she liked to think he was imagining her naked. She often imagined Jack naked but for some reason it made her big belly rumble but she didn't know why. But she did know that she had to get Jack on his own so he could see what a great girl she was. One day she saw her chance, the teacher had asked Jack and Sarah to get some stationary from the cupboard. Sarah followed Jack down the corridor toward the cupboard but all the time her belly began to rumble more and more. Jack entered the cupboard and Sarah followed him in and without him knowing locked the door behind her and swallowed the key. She was going to say something but her belly let up the most enormous noise. Jack turned and looked at her "Are you hungry?" he as
:icontestguy2424:testguy2424 57 8
Mature content
Unexpected Success :iconbetterbelly:BetterBelly 152 10
A new perspective part 2 (Vore/unbirth)
"So what happened once you were put in the room with the TV that your file on it?" Rachel asked resting her head on Rabs chest and hugging him tight.
10 years ago 
"when I saw my file I read over it in my mind and as I got down to were it said 'skilled shooter', a voice said it. I looked over to where the voice came from and sitting in a black leather office chair was this young, tall and sexy woman. Not as sexy as you though Rab said fading back to reality for a second and kissed Rachel on her forehead. She was sitting with her feet on the desk. She was wearing a black mini skirt which just covered her ass but when she had her feet on the desk I could see her underwear. A multicoloured thong. She wore a white shirt which was too tight for her but she wore it give herself cleverage. "A skilled shooter, as demonstrated back on your ship" she gestured to the TV as the footage from the ships cameras was on the TV. I watched my little massacre again. " now this was clever " she said a
:iconrossco1298:rossco1298 11 1
Picarto Poster by Matthew250 Picarto Poster :iconmatthew250:Matthew250 3 0 VDSM Pg2 by JT-SexyLexi VDSM Pg2 :iconjt-sexylexi:JT-SexyLexi 218 2 Kos-Mos Rules, p.1 by MartyZ-Art
Mature content
Kos-Mos Rules, p.1 :iconmartyz-art:MartyZ-Art 334 0
It's Zara's Turn! (Vore)
Zach and Gray Mitchell were having an amazing time at the Jurassic World amusement park on Isla Nublar! They had arrived safely at the park in the hands of their aunt's assistant Zara and were ready to explore.
They had dropped their luggage at their room and made their way towards the gentle giants attraction after meeting their aunt at the innovation centre. The gentle giants attraction was a series of small and young herbivores, big enough to ride, small enough to do no harm to anyone. Gray did not care for riding a triceratops but was fascinated with dinosaurs as a whole, meanwhile Zach somehow seemed bored at the concept of living, breathing dinosaurs. Earlier that day, Zach had to comfort Gray after learning the sad news of their parents divorce, so he decided to do something completely spontaneous.
"Gray, scatter!" Whispered Zach. They were attempting to run from Zara and explore the park for themselves. They ran towards the mosasaur exhibit when Zara noticed their absence and c
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 38 3
Biggest Titaness 2/3 by Herretik Biggest Titaness 2/3 :iconherretik:Herretik 229 4 Hungary Vores Ukraine by QuinnCrystal Hungary Vores Ukraine :iconquinncrystal:QuinnCrystal 195 5


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Cody young
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I'm 25 Years old. I love anime and manga.


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